So Many Ideas, So Little Time...

I keep having these awesome little nuggets of irony, hilarity, or just pure genius - I think to myself, "hey, bri, this would make a great blog topic, you should remember this, build on it, create a brilliant post from it...", but these little gems usually appear while I am rocking the baby to sleep, changing a diaper, or doing the dishes - and then they run away. I try my hardest to remember them, to keep them, but, like trying to get my three year old to listen to me, it is futile.

Regardless of what story I forgot, I knew that next time I had a chance to sit down and type, I had to share this picture:

my little office helpers

my little office helpers

The other day (I honestly can't tell you which day, but I do know it was last week) I came into the office, while the little one chewed on the side of his crib instead of napping, to find these two, trying to steal my other job - the job that keeps me from going bananas (B-A-N-A-N-A-S). If only I could get this cute duo to make some dinner or fold some laundry.

This scene isn't that unique, but is by far the cutest, cuddliest and most adorable. I especially like how they appear to be holding hands and offering each other moral support. I can almost hear the purple bear saying, "It's ok bunny, she will be back from school soon. She will come and grab us as soon as she gets home..."

Here are a couple others scenes left for me to find...these others may be a little more creepy and a little less cuddly...

Still...I have tried to remember those gems while writing this...and alas, nothing. Well, since my words leave much to be desired, I hope you enjoy the pictures. Maybe someday soon I will have a good idea that I can remember...maybe.